Apr 21, 2021 | Blog

Our associates at M1 Legal confirmed a record week of awards for clients totalling over £405,000. The majority of cases were against well known European timeshare companies with an average award value of €19,000

All 21 contracts were declared null and void in the Spanish courts. In 2015 a Spanish law was introduced to protect timeshare consumers of illegal practices. Any owner with a Spanish timeshare contract dated after 5th January 1999 could be sitting on a lump sum!

M1 Legal Heading for a Record Year

Since January 2021, M1 Legal has secured 139 awards valued at £2.4 Million Pounds which is almost double what was achieved in the same period last year. 

Now that the pubs have re-opened along with other non-essential businesses, there may be a glimmer of light at the end of the Covid tunnel. However, trying to book a holiday at your timeshare resort this year will be near on impossible. So with hundreds of thousands of owners having missed out on close to two years of holidays, resorts will likely find themselves trying to play catch up for many years to come. 

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What do Wyndham’s timeshare owners really think of them?

What do Wyndham’s timeshare owners really think of them?

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