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Legal Team

Santiago Porras Caballero


Legal Bar Association No. 10.013

I studied Law at the University of Malaga and I have been working as a lawyer since 2016. Although I have a wide range of knowledge, my speciality is civil law. I have six years of experience as a lawyer defending consumers against abusive clauses of Timeshare contracts in the Spanish courts. I am more than happy to help with any cases that need my attention.


Justin Gilson

Accounts Co-ordinator

I have been working within the industry for over twenty years and have; for the past twelve years, specialised in consumer claims. Within my current position, I am responsible for liaising with claimants and relaying information to our collaborating lawyers in order to enhance the clients claim prospects. I believe that communication is the key to a healthy relationship and provides the client with a degree of reassurance and understanding during the legal process.


Nora Miller

Legal Assistant and Client Liaison

With over six years experience in Customer Services, my role focuses on customer satisfaction, looking after individual files as well as booking appointments with collaborating lawyers and our Account Co-ordinator to ensure clients are kept up to date.


Grant David

Legal Assistant

As a legal assistant, my responsibility is to liaise with clients, address inquiries, and proactively keep them updated on the progress of their proceedings. With a background in Media Law, I possess valuable expertise in deciphering complex messages, which enables me to effectively communicate even the most intricate information.


Raquel Castillo

Legal Assistant

I have always believed that empathy should be the basis for any relationship. After my degree in “English Studies” at the University of Malaga, my professional experience has always been related to legal procedures and especially to legal claims. Always ready to help. I worked for M1 Legal as a Legal Assistant since 2015 so I have a lot of experience in assisting clients and resolving any issues.


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