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Exit your timeshare contract 

Timeshare resorts and groups rely on the fact that most of their customers will keep quietly accepting and paying fee increases without making a fuss… and we find that many of the people who contact European Consumer Claims have been wanting to get out of timeshare for a while but didn’t think they could. The most common phrase we hear is: “We wish we’d contacted you before…”.

So, for your peace of mind, don’t suffer in silence any longer – please take the first step and contact European Consumer Claims today!

Based on the information you provide and the timeshare resort/group you are with, we will then be able to outline the main options you have for releasing yourself from timeshare and ridding yourself and your family of long-term timeshare fee liabilities. In addition, should you wish to take it further – we can also advise as to whether you may have grounds to claim money back on the basis of illegal contract clauses, mis-selling or other unfair practices.

It is quite likely that you have already spoken to your timeshare resort/group about disposing of your timeshare – but we would strongly advise you to be very cautious about any advice they offer you. It is important to remember that, as far as they are concerned, you are committed to paying the annual fees (subject to increases that they set each year) for many years to come. Your contract may represent tens, or maybe hundreds of thousands of pounds of revenue to them over time. You are therefore unlikely to receive unbiased, independent advice from them, as they would much rather keep you as a customer who quietly pays them endless fees! To draw an analogy – if you were trying to give up smoking, you wouldn’t ask the ‘Marlboro Man’ how to go about it…


What happens next?

Once you’ve made contact and been explained the options you have available, you can decide how to proceed, safe in the knowledge that you are receiving independent, expert advice. Some of our customers then opt for trying to arrange their own timeshare disposals, while others prefer us to make the arrangements on their behalf. We look forward to being of assistance!

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