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Are ECC Legitimate?

Mar 9, 2021 | Blog

Are ECC legitimate? European Consumer Claims (ECC):  One of a tiny number of timeshare claims firms that can be trusted with both relinquishments and compensation claims.  

How do we know this? 

The website www.timesharetrust.co.uk lists several key indicators which identify whether a claims firm can be trusted.  As do various consumer sites like the Timeshare Consumer Association.

This is how ECC stands up to inspection by independent experts, judged by the most relevant criteria

  • ECC have been registered with Companies House (Company Number 10243428) in the UK since 2016.  A company that has been around for 5 years is not hiding from anyone.  ECC are not going anywhere
  • ECC’s head office is in Spain.  The UK office is located at the Henley Building in Henley on Thames.  You can visit them there, or at any one of their seven active, physical offices in the UK and Spain
  • ECC have a fixed corporate domain name, multiple landlines, strong social media presence on FacebookYouTubeTwitterLinkedIn and Medium.  Their branding is professional and the standard you would expect from a multinational company
  • ECC have had their current website, www.ecc-eu.com on the same domain name for many years.  They also have been registered at Companies House for many years.  They post their achievements on their website and for the amount of time ECC have been trading, these achievements are impressive.
  • Ecc and their associated firm of lawyers, M1 Legal are happy to provide documentation and proof on request for every court victory.  The ECC team will meet clients in person wherever possible, and otherwise by Zoom call (during which they are willing to show you their offices).   M1 Legal list their team on their website together with their Bar Association numbers

For any further info about ECC, please feel free to contact us directly, or have us investigated by an independent consumer association.

Article first published on My News Desk.

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