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Jun 29, 2020 | Anfi Group, Blog, European Consumer Claims


It has come to our attention, that Anfi Sales SL are contacting all Anfi Members with regards to signing a new agreement with a Fiduciary Company called Continental Trustee Ltd. This is to guarantee a strict control of property inventory although there is no difference to your rights regarding use of accommodation. 

We have noticed that the document sent to all members also states the termination of the prior contract.

Firm of Lawyers M1 Legal stated that this is a strategy to dissolve any old Anfi contracts to avoid future hefty court claims. The group have a huge amount of claims being processed through the Spanish courts due to non-compliant contracts. M1 Legal alone have 202 live cases valued at £4.4 million. 

IMPORTANT – If you do sign the new contract – you will forfeight your right to claim. 

This is not the first resort to initiate this strategy.

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See our court victories against Anfi here or see M1 Legal’s victories here.

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