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37K & 31K Success Story Against Anfi & CLC

Jul 1, 2020 | Anfi Group, CLC World, Latest Victories

Our largest outcome in the previous week came from the case against Anfi Sales and Anfi Tauro. The contract lacked sufficient determination to satisfy the law. The judge included in the decision that the amount to be reimbursed to the client must be increased with the interests they have paid in the loan as they paid through instalments, plus the legal interests. We are pleased to say that the total money awarded here was £37,476.

Another very successful case last week was against CLC Resort Development and CLC Paradise Trading, with the outcome of £31,784 in monies awarded and that number may yet be still to grow. This is an excellent victory: the judge declared the nullity of the contract (under law 4/2012) as well as declaring the loan contract with Hitachi null because the contracts are linked. The refund amount will be the total amount paid to Hitachi with the interests, which were included through paying instalments, and legal interests.

There were three more against CLC Sucursal totalling £37,036, two cases against Tasolán with an accumulated value of £14,322 and one against Explotación Hotelera with £10,400 in monies awarded.

In addition to our substantive cases, we’ve had much success with our jurisdiction cases too. Seventeen favourable jurisdiction judgements against CLC in total. Contractual names including; CLC Paradise Trading, CLC Continental Resorts and CLC Sucursal.

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