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We have had over 1479 successful judgments and £27.2 million in successful court compensation awards to date, including appeals. With a further 1000+ cases currently in the courts totalling a claim value of over £20 million, and hundreds more in process, European Consumer Claims (ECC) are the timeshare claims specialists you can trust.

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    Thousands of timeshare owners have trusted in us to end their timeshare nightmare and claim money back.


    We employ some of the most experienced advisors in the industry along with our legal partners and specialists in timeshare claims.


    We invest in people, research and technology to ensure we deliver our clients with the most efficient and professional service.

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    What we Do

    Timeshare exits, claims and advice….

    Do you want to exit your timeshare contract?

    Do you want to exit your timeshare contract?

    Our relinquishment team have guided thousands of timeshare holders through the exit process to help them release themselves from their timeshare contract.

    Do you have a timeshare compensation claim?

    Do you have a timeshare compensation claim?

    Our experienced team of advisors work in association with retained lawyers and industry experts, to provide you with the best advice and support to pursue your case from start to finish.

    Do you need help with any aspect of your timeshare?

    Do you need help with any aspect of your timeshare?

    If you don’t know which route is right for you or just want some timeshare advice,  ECC’s team of advisors are ready to talk and advise you on the best course of action for you.

    About us

    European Consumer Claims are the UK and Europe’s leading timeshare release and claims specialists.

    We have helped thousands of timeshare owners from across the UK to release themselves from unwanted timeshares all over the world, and to recover money where possible.

    We have expert timeshare release and claims consultants operating from a growing network of offices throughout the UK and a number of Europe’s timeshare “hot-spots”

    Our mission is to help timeshare owners who wish to rid themselves of unwanted timeshare (and the associated long-term fee commitments) and to recover monies wherever possible.

    Latest success stories

    10 More Results

    10 More Results

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    All figures updated June 2024.
    Figures provided and verified by M1 Legal.

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