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Legally trained Hammersmith clergyman shares positive claims experience with ECC

Jun 17, 2024 | Blog, European Consumer Claims, mynewsdesk

15 years ago, Pentecostal clergyman Matthew Omokwe and his wife were sold a timeshare membership at Club la Costa World for around £26,000.

“It seemed like it would be great value,” says the amiable 61 year old. “At the time we were doing a lot of travelling with a group. and the way it was presented appeared to be perfect for our needs.”

Club la Costa’s well publicised legal troubles from 2019 onwards caused Matthew great concern and he began to seek out help with both escaping the seemingly watertight CLC contract and obtaining his money back.

“We found out about all the CLC companies undergoing bankruptcy and we were very disappointed.”

Matthew was sceptical about retaining European Consumer Claims (ECC) at first. “As well as being a man of God, I also have a legal background. So I examined the paperwork pretty closely before going ahead with my claim,” he admits.

“However, my experience with ECC to date leads me to be completely confident in their service. The communication has been excellent and the whole team has been highly professional.”

Matthew has registered a claim for all the money he has paid CLC, as well as being relinquished from the unwanted membership.

“This money will be used to help my elderly mother in Nigeria,” smiles the big-hearted Hammersmith native. “And some will be donated to a children’s charity my wife and I support called the Anthony Nolan Trust.”

And Matthew’s advice to other unhappy timeshare owners considering retaining ECC to claim against their resort?

“Go ahead. You can be confident you will get your money back with ECC’s help.”

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