Spanish court decision opens floodgates for RCI members

Apr 29, 2021 | Blog

Our Associates at M1 Legal have just announced a ground-breaking victory against RCI for a Pure Points contract sold by Sunset Beach Club and Crown Resorts Isle of Man.

This case was somewhat experimental as a legal challenge like this had never before been tested. We are delighted that this challenge was successful in Malaga court no. 9 ruling the timeshare contract null and void. It is a fantastic precedent for all RCI contracts (even if there are no Spanish companies involved!).

In a statement, the lawyer representing the case at M1 Legal, Adrian Peña Botella said;

Spanish court decision opens floodgates for RCI members

The judge ordered RCI to compensate the clients £9,977 pounds.

This case now opens the floodgates for RCI members to pursue a compensation claim and potentially receive a lump sum.

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