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Diamond Resorts Response

Aug 3, 2019 | Blog, Newsletters

Dear Diamond Resorts Owner,

On the subject of the Diamond Resorts recent circular “Notice from Diamond’s Legal Team” Kwikchex.com & Diamond continue to try and pull the wool over the eyes of their members.

We understand that these communications can be unsettling and worrying to any of you who have entrusted ECC along with legal associates M1 Legal and Messrs. Pinder Reaux with your case/claim. 

Please be assured that the statements made are malicious and false, so much so that M1 Legal  are planning to instigate criminal proceedings against Diamond Resorts for defamation as soon as the Spanish courts re-open in September.

A similar circular was sent to members of Club la Costa and criminal proceedings have actually been instigated against California Beach Hotel S.A.U. a Club La Costa company.

Ask yourself this, why are these companies going to such extreme lengths to try and discredit us?  The answer is obvious.  With so many cases in court submitted by M1 Legal, Diamond Resorts are worried about their financial future.

M1 Legal reported on the 12th July 2019 another victory against Diamond Resorts, you can view the post here:

You can also view the judgement here:
https://m1legal.com/pdf/sentences/diamond-12-july-sentence.pdf although in Spanish and with names removed for data protection, you can see that we are presenting you with hard facts that are backed with actual evidence.

This case was also published in a local newspaper The Olive Press which you can glance at below or view properly here:

STOP PRESS: M1 Legal has just received confirmation of two more victories against Diamond Resort totalling £40,931.

M1 Legal has also secured 6 victories against Diamond Resorts on jurisdiction.  Diamond argued that these cases should be not be heard in Spain however the appeal judge overruled this decision on all 6 cases and they have been represented to the court of first instance.


Kwikchex.com, Timeshare Business Check and Timeshare Task Force are all managed by the same one man, Mr Chris Emmins who has 17 dissolved companies where he was company secretary or director as confirmed by Companies House.  Mr Emmins is paid by the timeshare industry to manage these websites making them look like the “one to trust” with the Trading Standards seal of approval. Why is it that Kwikchex never publish the mountain of victories against the timeshare resorts? Kwikchex is paid by the timeshare industry’s self-appointed regulatory body Resort Development Organisation (RDO)

We would also like to report that in recent weeks, under the guidance of Kwikchex, 2 clients were encouraged to build cases against ECC in the UK courts and both were thrown out by the judge.  The clients were ordered to pay ECC legal costs of several thousand pounds.

This is because Kwikchex and their associated entities are NOT lawyers.  We encourage anyone seeking advice from these entities to be extremely careful.  If in doubt of your legal status regarding your timeshare ownership, you should seek advice from a professional lawyer and not from an entity representing the timeshare industry whose function is to protect the RDO members.


Our existence is their creation.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours Sincerely,

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