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Timeshare Claims

Do you have a Timeshare Claim?

Timeshare Claims - ECC Timeshare

European Consumer Claims (ECC) have helped thousands of timeshare owners with timeshare claims from across the UK to release themselves from unwanted timeshares all over the world, and to recover money where possible.

You may have a Timeshare Claim if you have been mis-sold a timeshare contract and it can be proven that the timeshare law was breached.

Recent cases in the Spanish Supreme court have set a precedent for future cases making it easier for people with a timeshare claim to come forward and seek the freedom and compensation they deserve.

Our experienced team of advisors work in association with retained lawyers and industry experts, to provide you with the best advice and support to pursue your case from start to finish. We will not take on a case unless we believe that you have a good chance against your timeshare company.

Contact us today to find out if you can claim against your timeshare resort.


Do I qualify for a Timeshare Claim?

This is very important.  If you don’t qualify, do not let scammers sell you a service they cannot provide. There are many situations in which timeshare owners do qualify for a timeshare compensation claim and provided you bought your membership in Spain, during or after 1999 you do qualify if you fit any one of the following criteria:

  • Your timeshare membership contract was for over 50 years.
  • You were sold floating time or points.
  • That there was a 14 day cooling-off period.
  • That you were informed of this cooling-off period before signing any contract.
  • That no money was accepted at the signing of the contract or within the 14 day cooling-off period.
  • All contracts must be put in writing.
  • Before signing any contract, certain points of information must be made clear to you, in your language, so that you were fully aware of all conditions. If this was not done, the contract is deemed null and void.
  • The contract must be offered in the language of the buyer.
  • If a contract is cancelled by the client, for example during the cooling-off period, then all other related finance agreement contracts would also be cancelled.

If you fit any one of the above, it is almost definite that you qualify and you should contact us immediately to start your timeshare claim.

If you don’t fit any of the above criteria there are many other situations which could qualify you for compensation, but it depends on your situation.  We recommend you seek advice on your precise situation from one of our knowledgeable claims advisors. They will be able to explain your options.

What should I do next?

To find out if you have a valid claim against your timeshare resort we will need to see your membership documentation and timeshare contract.

Our expert advisors will be able to assess your situation and tell you if you have a valid timeshare compensation claim.

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