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We were introduced to ECC via an advert in the Mail on Sunday and via and advert on the radio. My wife Catherine and I had been becoming increasingly frustrated and angry that the significant investment we had made for a timeshare at Anfi Puerto had proven to be a huge mistake and we could not see a way out of paying fees forever for timeshare we could never use. I had texted ECC and they came back to me straight away. We organised a meeting on zoom and we met with senior account manager Alby West. I must admit at the beginning it felt like a sales presentation, showing us the website and videos to reinforce why we should work with ECC and M1, however, we soon realised the reinforcement was there to reassure us that ECC and M1 were genuine and that they could really help us with our issues. Alby ran us through discovery (information from us) which was eye-opening as it answered many of issues we were facing and from this Alby was clear that ECC could help us. Alby then spent time clearly running through the process and even though we had personal issues to deal with in the call, Alby was superb at allowing us time to sort things out, so we had all the information we needed to decide moving forward with the claim. The paperwork was very straightforward, and Alby and his colleague Holly were excellent at ensuring we had, and fully understood, all the information we needed. Obviously, we are at a very early stage of our claim however if like us you were mis sold a timeshare then please speak to ECC as they can and will help you.