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We have been hesitant for about 2 years or more with this company but still had the stress of keeping my timeshare [which we were told not timeshare but an investment not|] that was costing a fortune paying for a service that was not fit for purpose. None of the things promised by Club la Costa was not what they said it was, Ricky our senior account manager has been so patient with us all this time whilst we were unsure of what to do should we reinvest in yet another company to get out of our contract. Well today we have signed with ECC and wow feel like a massive weight has been lifted. They are all so professional and have explained everything to us very transparent and believe me I have driven them crazy with a multitude of questions. checking reviews about this company checking backgrounds of this company and as I said this has been over at least 2 years so we didn’t sign on a whim but today we wish we had done it sooner but onwards and upwards looking forward to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Many thanks to all the staff.