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Being one of the many hundreds of time share owners trying to cancel my membership with Diamond International and continually failing you can imagine how sceptical I was having lost large amounts of money to bogus companies and solicitors when I was recommended to ECC. After going through the various online meetings I was assigned to Steven and despite having the odd panic never doubted your commitment to get my wife and I out of our timeshare agreement. You kept us informed at all times on what was happening, had office staff that were easy to contact when you were busy and never left us feeling we were again being ripped off. The ownership cancellation email came through just as you anticipated infact, I happened to be in the local hospital with my wife when I read the email on my phone and couldn`t resist a small whop of delight which caused a few people to laugh.

Thank you so much for your help, perseverance, honesty and understanding in sorting the cancellation and I can only apologize if I came across negative when we first talked. Wishing you all the best, thank you once more.