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I had been contacted by Timeshare Advice Centre a number of times in the past about the potential that I had been miss sold timeshare products by Club La Costa. Due COVID -19 and being made redundant from a highly paid consultancy contract for over 6months it made me re-evaluate all my financial outgoings and one of them being CLC Management Fees / loans. I use to say that if you can afford the fees then it doesn’t seem expensive but once that scenario changes the fees and loans seem like they are now strangling me due to the fact that my salary is now thousands of pounds less than it was. I engaged with ECC / M1 legal and was dealt with by senior account manager Rob Salmon who has taken me through the process of what needs to happen with timescales/costs/returns/possible outcomes/who does what/where and when. I am at the very start of this process but feel supported by EEC / M1 Legal.