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CLC, Anfi, Diamond and More!

Mar 1, 2021 | Anfi Group, CLC World, Diamond Resorts, Latest Victories

We are pleased to inform you of last weeks Spanish court victories. 

Our legal team secured 6 results from substantive cases, total awarded £156,857.  

Two of these cases were against Diamond Resorts, in both cases, the nullity of the contract was determined by the lack of information regarding the contract period. We get the costs in both instances, £16,005 awardedin one case and £11,474 awarded in the other.

Two more of the victories were against Club la Costa. The first one being against CLC Continental Resorts. In this fantastic victory, the judge ruled that CLC have 30 days to pay off the loan which was taken out through Shawbrook when the client initially purchased. CLC must pay the loan in full along with interest paid by the client – £87,968 awarded. 

The second case was against CLC Sucursal, in this one the nullity of the contract was determined by the lack of information regarding the property and when they could use it plus the contract period.  Another positive decision on this case is that the interest must be paid since the date the client purchased the timeshare, normally it is from the date of the claim. We get the costs £19,908 awarded.

There was also a case against Tasolan (Palm Oasis). The court of appeal (Malaga) has confirmed in full our victory in the first court of instance, due to the contract stating a period length of over 50 years. All of Tasolan’s allegations have been denied, we receive costs too. – £10,521 awarded. 

The last substantive case of the week to report on was against Anfi Sales & Anfi Resorts. The nullity of the contract was determined by the lack of information (period), we get the costs.  – £10,980 awarded.

10 Jurisdiction positive results valued at £168,492. 

10 jurisdiction victories this week were all Club la Costa. The defence argued that the cases should not be heard in Spain however, the judge overruled they can, 5 cases were appeals on the last jurisdiction hearing and we won these too.  

All jurisdiction cases will proceed in due course.

Eight court awards valued at £127,913

Eight court awards valued at £127,913

We are pleased to inform you of this week's Spanish court victories. M1 Legal secured EIGHT positive awards with a total value of £127,913. Here is a breakdown of our substantive results: 1st Court of Instance: CLC Continental Resorts - In Arona court No.1, the judge...

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