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Tatoc Is In Administration

May 3, 2017 | Latest Victories, Macdonald Resorts, Timeshare Resorts

Today we were informed that TATOC the “Timeshare Association for Timeshare Owners and Committees” which according to their own website claims to be “the largest consumer-representative body for timeshare owners in Europe” has gone into Administration.

We understand that TESS had an upcoming defamation case against TATOC and it is claimed that this claim has “crippled them”.

Here at ECC we are pleased to learn this news as goes to show what we have known all along, that the “the largest consumer-representative body for timeshare owners in Europe” has been providing false information to consumers seeking their guidance and consultation.

Below are extracts from a press release delivered by TESS…

Today, TESS delivers monumental news that the Defamation claim TESS protracted against TATOC has crippled Them. An emergency board meeting took place this morning in Manchester. At that meeting, the TATOC board agreed, TATOC is to be placed into Administration, as TATOC is bankrupt, insolvent and unable or unwilling to pay its debts if and when due.

Not exactly compatible with TATOC’s own ethics.

Many will appreciate, TATOC tried to wage a 12-month campaign against TESS, claiming TESS was a “cold caller” when not. The investigation, statements and publications were in fact monumental lies and TATOC knew it. Thus, TESS pursued TATOC in the High Court and for damages, injunctive relief and an unfettered apology.

Last month at a pre-trial review of the case took place and TATOC’s evidence was “slung out” of the trial bundles by the court as being ridicules, therefore TATOC faced a humiliation at trial set to commence on the 15th of may 2017. The summary judgement delivered by the court was regarding the worked TATOC purported to have conducted in respect to “cold Calling” investigations. That work was an indictment of the standards actioned and supervised by TATOC, its management and employee skill set [managed by Mark Caldicott of TATOC Consumer Helpline Ltd]. To make the point, this judgement was not appealed by TATOC’s CEO Harry Taylor who’s case fall apart in front of his very eyes, as the wheels came off the TATOC broken bus.

Harry Taylor signed many “statements of truth” and on the many court documents, knowing such were falsehoods. TESS has retained those documents and will pursue him personally for abusing the court, racking up costs, in pursuit of the pitiful concept that justice would not follow this ruse.

This is a fundamental abuse of the court system and as pleaded by TESS, TESS rained down an assault on the senses of TATOC from the start and now this butcher of meat [Harry Taylor] has been exposed.

Therefore, the timeshare world has been and remains in absolute disarray, as another one of it cardinals has been caught out, lying to the timeshare public, disseminating falsehoods and unkempt information worldwide. The information TATOC has constructed, has deluded many consumers and into the belief that only timeshare resorts can give timeshare advice.

TATOC waged war on consumer’s rights, covertly, scoffed over Sandy Greys true and honest deliverance of the protection of timeshare consumers and over many years. Harry Taylor has controlled TATOC and retained governorship over what can be only described as a monumental farce.

In contravention of consumer rights, Harry Taylor alleged MacDonald’s Resorts delivered a ground-breaking product in that MRL took from consumer there fixed week contracts and delivered a dodgy “points” based timeshare. Harry Taylor supported the industry initiatives, took money from the industry and delivered that industry a continual benefit, over many years which assisted in fuelling his own life style.

Now the lies have come back to bite Harry Taylor as he met his match. TATOC tried to attack what is a licences company delivering a good service to consumers. TESS protracted a contentious fight for Timeshare Consumer justice and has received that justice, as TATOC has been toppled, is in administration and await the disgruntled creditors who are lining up against them.

Now confined to the wastelands, the name TATOC is synonymous with publicised and habitual lies.

The Manager Mark Caldicott tried to impart false knowledge on consumers, offering them shoddy advice which was not accepted by the courts, thrown out and at first reading.

In respect to the Citizens Advice, they have signposted many consumers to TATOC, so did the Government, County Councils and other Consumer’s Associations after representations from the Beleaguered yet self-declared Timeshare industry.

History has told us the “thief of dreams”, Alberto Garcia [mind timeshare] rained down a “baptism of fire” on all, and was exposed, now the other Cardinal, TATOC has fallen, leaving the RDO, alone, isolated, venerable and without their good buddy TATOC.

Knowing TATOC were in trouble, Harry Taylor did reveal in January 2017, that the RDO tried to lend TATOC money, in exchange for taking ownership of the TATOC log’s, 2 TATOC board positions and the right to control TATOC via an appointment of its man as TATOC’s CEO who would have governance over TATOC.

Over many years, TESS and its Directors have delivered many campaigns and today TESS has exposed TATOC who have been operating under many smoke screens. Now challenged, all the smoke screen fell apart, as TATOC was slowly exposed.

Now they are being administered by Steve Stokes

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