More Contracts Nulled For Anfi & Club La Costa

Oct 18, 2021 | Anfi Group, CLC World, Latest Victories, Timeshare Resorts

We are pleased to inform you of last week’s Spanish court victories. M1 Legal secured 5 results with a total amount awarded £39,302.

1st Court of Instance:

  • Anfi – This judgement declares the nullity of the contract in this case due to the lack of information (period and object) under the law 42/98 requirement. £12,100 awarded.
  • CLC Sucursal – This judgement declares the nullity of the current contract due to lack of information regarding the accommodation, there was a previous contract but the judge did not see grounds to null it. £11,560 awarded.
  • CLC Sucursal – The nullity of the contract in this case was determined by the lack of information, due to no specification of contract’s object (accommodation). £9,717 awarded.

There were also 2 further positive judgements against Anfi, one being an appeal filed by Anfi which was dismissed.

Jurisdiction Hearings:

2 Jurisdiction Victories valued at £55,788

M1 legal secured 2 jurisdiction victories last week, both against Club La Costa. The defence challenged the cases being heard in Spanish jurisdiction. Both cases will now proceed to the next step.

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