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Macdonald Jurisdiction Victory

Oct 31, 2016 | Latest Victories, Macdonald Resorts, Timeshare Resorts

Our Legal Team recently won a dispute over the jurisdiction of a timeshare contract. The contract in question had a clause in the adjoining appendix notes to the contract, which stated that any future disputes could not be taken to a Spanish Court even though the Resort was in Spain. This was a move by the Resort which was intended to discourage any future disputes against them (savvy Resorts know that disputes in a British Court will be a lot more costly). However, our lawyers argued that such a clause is illegal, and their dispute was upheld by the court, which means that the case can now be heard in a Spanish Court.

How do timeshare costs compare to regular holidays?

How do timeshare costs compare to regular holidays?

Timeshare owners were tempted in the past by two important benefits. Firstly, they would enjoy higher standards on their holidays, and they would know exactly what to expect. Secondly, they would enjoy exclusivity because members of the public could not stay in the...

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