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WINTER 2017/18

Welcome to ecc’s winter newsletter

In this edition of the newsletter, we update you with our latest news and developments.

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Our latest client successes

Following on from our summer newsletter, our legal partners have enjoyed many successes on behalf of our clients!

In the majority of cases, the contracts have been declared null and void as a result of them being signed in perpetuity and/or also due to money being taken from the client within the cooling off period. Recent successes include:

Two Club La Costa victories

Two sets of ecc clients were celebrating recently when the judge ruled in their favour!

The first clients were awarded £35,925 plus £13,584 (double the deposit paid), plus the legal interest and all legal expenses incurred by the client.

Another set of clients were awarded £11,078.30 plus the legal interest since the submission of the claim.

Wins over Anfi

A further two sets of clients, this time former Anfi owners were also celebrating their successes in the courts!

Compensation of £18,241 plus £1,366 (which was the deposit paid by the client), plus the legal interest was awarded to one set of clients while another client was awarded £8,447.68 of the £10,036.68 initially paid, plus the legal interest.

Salina Wharf successes

Following Salina Wharf going into liquidation last year, we have been busy processing claims on behalf of former owners. In the month of December alone we succeeded in claiming back over £20,000 for clients!

Heritage Club refund

Our last victory of the year was for a former Heritage Club owner who received a refund of £27,500 on the grounds of breach of contract – great way to end the year!

Congratulations to all our clients and our legal partners on their successful wins!

To read more ecc success stories, visit us at www.ecc-eu.com/news

Share your story and receive a gift!

Share your story and receive a gift!

We recently launched a gift campaign where we thanked timeshare owners, who took the time to share their story with one of our consultants, with a M&S voucher.

Look out for other campaigns in the New Year, as we will have other gifts up for grabs.

To keep up-to-date with the latest campaigns, visit us at www.ecc-eu.com

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

ECC have recently become a member of the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group (TVCC) - which is part of the British Chambers of Commerce Accredited Network.

With our UK head office based in Langley, the TVCC works alongside home grown and foreign owned businesses across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Swindon to help them achieve their full business potential and drive new opportunities.

New office in Brighton

Due to recent expansion, we have added to our network of offices! 

We recently opened a new branch in Brighton, making it easier and more convenient for any clients who live in the surrounding areas to meet with our consultants.

For a full list of our office locations, and to find out which one is most convenient to you, click here



As we begin to wind down for the year, we are paving the way for many successes in the New Year with having:

We are very excited to be winning more cases on behalf of our clients in 2018!

Please be aware that our offices are closed from Wednesday 20 December until Tuesday 2 January.