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Welcome to ecc’s Autumn newsletter

In this newsletter we bring you up to date with what is going on at ecc, so here are a selection of our most important developments and news stories that relate to the timeshare industry.

This issue covers our move to our new headquarters in Spain and, more importantly, details some of our latest successful claim cases that we submitted on behalf of our clients. All of which adds to the momentum to meet the challenges of the timeshare industry and contributes to future success for our clients.


Palm Oasis
A number of success stories have recently hailed from the courts in Gran Canaria where one of our client's timeshare was deemed to be null and void for numerous infringements. These included the perpetuity clause which was included in the contract. The judge ordered Tasolan to repay the sum of £42,462.41. The case was submitted by our legal partners CLA in Gran Canaria.

Salina Wharf
During the last quarter, we have successfully processed 8 separate clients claims totalling £50,000 against Club Salina Wharf. These only took a number of weeks to process and each client has already received refunds into their bank accounts, plus interest.

Grandview Las Vegas
Following extensive work by the legal team at M1Legal, we are pleased to announce that El Dorado Resorts (USA) has agreed to cancel our clients purchase contract at Grandview Las Vegas and to release them from any further obligation related to the timeshare interest. This includes the cancellation of the finance loan signed for $17,091.00

Congratulations to all our successful clients and we look forward to sharing more success stories with you.


You may have noticed that our website and logo has got a new, fresher look and feel (ecc-uk.com). We felt it was important to give the company a brighter image to greater reflect how the company has evolved and to signal our ambitions for the future.

We have also introduced the new company strapline, “Time to Share your story”, to invite you to join us in our aim to change the industry for the better. We will soon be launching a specific platform for you to participate in this project and will announce this as soon as it goes live. If in the meantime you have a specific story that you would like to share then please feel free to send this to us.


We are happy to announce that we have recently moved into our new Spanish Headquarters in Mijas Costa which brings all our departments, together in one location. It also incorporates the M1 Legal team which enhances teamwork across the board.

This move will further improve the company’s efficiency by enabling greater communication and collaboration between our teams and at the same time laying the foundations for future expansion.

Please note our new headquarters address:

Av. Carmen Saenz de Tejada
Edif. S-208 Parque Comercial Miramar
4 Planta Izq – Local 4 B,
Mijas Costa


Since its inception in 2016, the European Claims Chamber has made unprecedented headway within the field of timeshare contract law. In order to support their ambitions to deliver greater breadth of legal services, they have recently undergone a new brand identity.

Senior lawyer for M1 Legal, Patricia Criada Navas commented:

“This new brand identity will help reflect the value our firm is bringing to the legal industry. Although the name, look and even location of the team has changed, the fundamental people, practices and quality of our legal department remain unchanged as the basis on which we were built. Moreover, the latest developments strongly position us to continue to achieve more for you as our clients and our future as a business.”

For more information, please visit: www.M1legal.com


Industry bodies across many sectors perform very important roles and when they succeed in supporting and regulating their industry to ensure both the customer and the organisations are treated fairly, they are invaluable.

Unfortunately, the timeshare industry has a tarnished reputation caused by years of malpractice and a lack of truly independent regulatory bodies. There are those who claim to be governed by alleged “codes of practice” however in reality they exist to protect the best interests of the timeshare developers rather than the consumers.

For example, The Resort Development Association (RDO) and UK based Timeshare Association for Timeshare Owners and Committees (TATOC) both claim to independently monitor and regulate the industry on behalf of the consumer.

This is however simply not the case; they are both controlled and funded by some of the timeshare industry’s most powerful companies. As such, their independence is not guaranteed and their interests may not lie primarily on the consumer’s side. We therefore advise that any information you receive from them is checked by an alternative independent third party before taking further action.

In fact, earlier this year TATOC went into administration following a judgement against them for defamation, further reinforcing the fact that the information published was not considered factual.

We hope you enjoyed reading this newsletter and found the information useful.

Please let us know if you have any further queries or have a story to share with us.

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